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About Us

Our Story

Creux Automatiq was formed by the minds behind the luxury diamond jewellery specialists known as Culet Jewellery.


After years of hard work perfecting their craft, and sharing a genuine passion for high quality timepieces, the Culet team set out on a new venture – to create an affordable, high-performing luxury timepiece. 


Lead by designer Dane Rumble, they set out on a two year research adventure. Naturally, the characteristics of the timepiece their minds were set upon creating, lead them to Switzerland.


It was here they learnt everything they know about movement precision, case manufacturing and the different materials and components that make up a quality timepiece. With this knowledge, they put together a unique avant-garde design that is both respective of the classics but also conveys elements of modern design.


Rumble, who has a passion for the outdoors and adventure, came up with the name when hiking through the  “Creux du Van” canyon range in the Swiss region of Le Soliat. ‘Creux’, or ‘hollow’ in english was also a nod to the brand’s first timepiece ‘The Ghost CA-01’ because of its skeleton movement and dial. 


The Ghost case shape (which is now the signature for the Creux Automatiq brand) was first shaped and cast out of solid sterling sliver in Dane’s home workshop in 2009. This housing was used as a base guide to source the right movement and component manufacturers, and to this day remains true to its original design.

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