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Google Reviews Test

  • review rating 5  I purchased a Gen 2 CA-04 online and the quality exceeded expectations. Comfortable to wear and looks great on the wrist. The watch wasn't available immediately however Dane kept me updated until delivery. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good Swiss made watch for a great price from an Australian owned watch co. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Dane

    thumb John Lyons
  • review rating 5  Outstanding watches and even better service. Tom from Creux Automatiq treated me with a beautiful CA-01 which continues to impress. For the price, these are highest quality pieces available! Can’t wait for my next one. Thanks lads!

    thumb Bevan Martinovich
  • review rating 5  Not just amazing watches but the crew at Creux are outstanding! I now have 3 of their timepieces and can’t wait for the next one to be released. Great quality product and fantastic service. Could not rate my experiences to date any higher. Well done Creux, I look forward to visiting again upon the next release.

    thumb James Young
  • review rating 5  I purchased the Ghost Shadow and it was one of the best purchase I ever made. It’s such a beautiful timepiece, unique on its own way, you can wear it on any occasions. People often get it confused to the AP. The fact that the series are limited edition it also brings more value to the watch. Congrats @creuxautomatiq??

    thumb stanley calixte
  • review rating 5  I’ve never been a watch person, and Creux Automatiq was the first company I gave a go. Over a year later, the first thing I do when I get up is put on my watch and start my day. I can honestly say I feel naked without it, and it is a staple piece in my style day in day out. Great price point, and I promise you’ll never regret owning one!!

    thumb Edward Mules
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