Creux Automatiq | Roberto Malizia (friend of the brand)
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Roberto Malizia (friend of the brand)


Since he moved to Melbourne, Roman-born Roberto Malizia, drastically changed his look. That was just the first step to an even more radical change in his lifestyle. Now an entrepreneur, fashion icon and luxury brand influencer, his Instagram account has over 52,000 followers and growing!

His edgy sophisticated style has caught the attention of luxury brands, currently working with Harrolds, DIESEL, Gucci and Montblanc. Malizia has global followers interested in designer menswear suiting to streetwear. He’s been regularly featured in Vogue, GQ, Men’s Style, Hypebeast and the New York Times. His work includes brand ambassador, brand campaigns, styling for luxury retailer Harrolds in Melbourne, modeling and a line of accessories sold at Harrolds under his brand “Malice”.  Roberto started his retail career at the Myer department store and was quickly promoted to Team Leader of the menswear floor.

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