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Test 3

Test 3

We are big believers in seeking adventure and challenging ourselves to push the limit. Recently we welcomed to the Creux family an ambassador who embodies this vision to his core. Meet Jesse James
As a man who lives for the knife edge of life, Jesse is constantly seeking out the next great adventure. As soon as he could walk he was learning to surf and snowboard, fast forward 15 years and he’s jumping out of helicopters.
Jesse since has traveled all over the globe – capturing his experiences and sharing them with the world.

Jesse lives for the ocean – free-diving and swimming with sharks get his blood pumping. He’s traveled internationally to host professional grade wakeboarding and surfing events, MC’ing the NZ Wakeboarding Nationals for the last 5 years, and the RipCurl Raglan Pro Surf Event which was broadcast live on the Redbull GARAGE channel.

We’re stoked that Jesse is a part of the Creux family, there is no doubt he lives and breathes our brand mantra.

If you’re keen to follow Jesse’s endeavours you can find him on instagram @jessejames1212.

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